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IMVU Meshing!?

Meshing is usually a good way to make credits on IMVU.

See, how it works is you make a something referred to as a mesh using a program like 3DS Max, Blender, etc. and make something 3d for IMVU, then derive from products that are by IMVU; and people will over time derive from your product if they like it.

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Meshing more meshes!!!

The more I mesh, the more I think I wanna mesh…

What’s so great about meshing?

Well, adding your own thing to IMVU. Sure, there is also the fact that you could get a lot of credits if devs derived off of your mesh; as you would get your own set price for the mesh whenever a dev derives off you, as well as every time someone bought the product that was made using your mesh…but that isn’t the main point…

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